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Meditation, Connection, + Surrender

I want to tell you a story. When I was pregnant with my daughter it was the most intense experience of my life. I had HG throughout the pregnancy and struggled daily with the smallest tasks. I lost 40 lbs … Continue reading

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The Comfort of Touch

There’s something magical about the power of touch. So much can be conveyed through a simple gesture that cannot be found anywhere else. While I was laboring to bring my sweet daughter earth side my husband stood by my side … Continue reading


Loving Our Postpartum Bodies

The Postpartum body of a mother, only achieved through the privilege of birthing new life into the world. Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? If only more women felt that way. I have news for you. You can and you should … Continue reading


5 Reasons Midwives are Awesome!

Using a midwife is much more than a choice of birthing specialist. It is an experience that all women have the right to be aware of. The fact is, using a midwife is normal. Birth being treated as a procedure … Continue reading


Wean Art

Hello Mama’s! As I watch the leaves fall away from the trees I am reminded that seasons come and seasons go. As there are seasons of the year, there too are seasons of motherhood. Rita and I have recently been … Continue reading

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