5 Reasons Midwives are Awesome!

Using a midwife is much more than a choice of birthing specialist. It is an experience that all women have the right to be aware of. The fact is, using a midwife is normal. Birth being treated as a procedure … Continue reading


Wean Art

Hello Mama’s! As I watch the leaves fall away from the trees I am reminded that seasons come and seasons go. As there are seasons of the year, there too are seasons of motherhood. Rita and I have recently been … Continue reading

Sweet Wyatt William

The Birth of Sweet Wyatt William

In October 2005, I met the first love of my life- my wonderful husband Jake. On August 19th 2010, my second love was born (plans for a natural, relaxed birth center birth were derailed by a pitocin induction at the … Continue reading

baby food

Rainbow Eating for Babies

When feeding your babies and toddlers, keep color in mind. In my book, Organically Raised, I call this rainbow eating. As a new parent, it’s often difficult to manage all of the day-to-day details of raising little ones, and so … Continue reading

My boys bonding while tandem nursing

Our Babies, Ourselves

The connection of your child’s life and your own is almost paradoxical. On one hand, time has gone by so fast. Wasn’t it just a moment ago when I was meeting my newborn for the first time? On the other … Continue reading

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