Bits & Bobs: Summer

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Bits & Bobs: Spring/Summer Collection


Bits & Bobs – A Collection Of Pretties



  1. This (image above) is simply beautiful
  2. A beautiful gift for new and seasoned mamas alike.
  3. A lovely, warm spot to lay baby.
  4. Sheer brilliance.  This would have made my winter pregnancy and baby carrying much simpler.
  5.  If you can only buy one thing for your new addition, this should be it.  Be sure to get the newborn insert for those early days.
  6. The nursing necklace; stylish and functional, these are some of the prettiest I’ve seen.
  7. This looks like the ideal maternity top – versatile and flattering.
  8.  I am not usually one for photo props, but this is quite pretty.
  9. Oh my goodness.  How sweet are these little shoes?  Or these?
  10. I can’t possibly pick a favorite bit of whimsy from this shop!

Create The Ultimate Nursery With Natural Style

v. nest·ing

Somewhere starting in the latter half of pregnancy, most mamas will get the instinctual urge to clean, organize, and arrange the space their new baby will call home. Whether it’s the whole house, or just the nursery, the desire to create a yummy, beautiful “nest” is sometimes overwhelming!

In creating some lovely nurseries and registries for my clients, I’ve come across many a gorgeous thing! Mixing sumptuous textures, textiles, organic, and natural elements, I’ve created a list of products for my dream nursery, and wanted to share it with you for inspiration when your own nesting instinct kicks in!

We’ll go from the floor up.


1.  I love the carpet tiles by Flor. These yummy woven squares called “Settle Down” are made in the USA from 100% recycled nylon. They’re a breeze to put down, and lend a comfy warmth to your room.

2.  The sheepskin rug from Ikea is essential to a yummy, “texturized” nursery.  It’s inexpensive and provides a plush place for babe to roll around on, snuggle in, or for a sleepy mama to sit on in the wee hours.


3  The organic shape and design of the suspended Leander Cradlelet me provides a cozy sleep spot and helps to develop baby’s new motor function. It is lightweight and portable to move with you from room to room or when traveling!

4.  Oeuf’s Classic crib is by far my favorite if you’re going the crib route. Sustainably produced and classically gorgeous.

5.  It has a matching, moveable, changing station that can be used right on top of the crib. Later, it can be converted to a precious toddler bed.

6.  The Nook Pebble organic crib mattress is specifically made to be ultra breathable, which helps babies sleep longer and deeper.

7.  A sweet forest scene graces the front of the Cork Mosaic Sideboard by Iannone Design, and could not be a more eco friendly or stunning piece for your nursery to house all of those teeny little bits and ridiculously cute outfits.

8.  For snuggling, nursing, or reading, a rocker is essential. The Joya Rocker by Monte is modern, environmentally friendly, beautiful, and comes with a lumbar pillow for extra support! Babe wants another story? No problem!

9.  I’m kind of obsessed with The “Bevin” tufted ottoman from The Horchow Collection. What a perfect addition to my dream nursery! Gorgeous and rich looking, it would be great to prop up tired tootsies, set your tea upon, or watch baby pull herself up on without any fear of tears.

10.  I’m not sure whether to call this next piece, furniture per say, but you can sit on it. It is from a company in the Netherlands called Zilalila, and is frankly the yummiest, most cozy cushion I’ve ever seen. It’s looks like an over sized soft beanbag for the floor. What it really is, is a very green, fair trade, hand knitted wool “nest” for you and yours to snuggle into. Yes please, I’ll take two!


Ok, so we’ve covered the furniture, now let’s get to the good stuff (as if we haven’t already!) I mean the icing on the cupcake, the accessories.

11.  I love clear glass table lamps. They are a design staple for bringing light and texture into a space, but not taking up much visual space. They seem to float. In this dream(y) nursery, the Jonsbo Barby lamp from Ikea fits the bill in a few different ways. It’s design is pleasing and gives texture in the neutral shade, the price is crazy affordable, and it has a dimmer! The dimmer is a huge plus in the middle of the night, or in the wee small hours of the morning before even the Sun’s decided to rise.

12.  My second choice for illumination is from the visionary and whimsical company Artecnica. Their Starlightz hanging lamp in Geeta Gold features gold glitter on a white star. It’s made from handmade, wood free paper with cotton fibers and flower petals. Wish upon a star!

13.  Window treatments are a big part of any room. These curtains from the always-awesome Anthropologie, are sweetly neutral but get a great color pop from the pom pom trim.

14.  The organic orange and white striped crib sheet from Giggle is a precious addition and a great splash of color. They’re made of super soft, T-shirt-esque organic cotton that doesn’t shrink with washing, and comes in a matching bag to re-use for something fun and cheery!

15.  For wrapping up that teeny babe of yours, you cannot go wrong with the softest faux fur blanket on the planet. Little Giraffe has perfected the plush Blankie.  These muted, Brocade edged beauties are machine washable, elegant, ultra luxurious, and made with LOVE!

17.  This art print made me cry the first time I read it, and I’ve wanted it ever since!  You Climbed Inside So Softly is a gorgeous love letter to your baby printed onto heavyweight paper for an amazing piece of keepsake art.

18.  I have fallen in love with this wall decal. The Tweet Tree design in beige and orange features a smoothly contoured tree with sprinkled leaves and four delicately outlined tweeting birds. Self-adhesive and easily removable, it would be lovely on a creamy wall in this beautiful nest we’re building.

19.  Art and function collide in this awesome retro cuckoo clock. To keep track of midnight feedings and what time it really is, on the hour, the two birds beside the clock dial move up and down, feeding the baby birds in the nest. Perfect!

20.  Have you seen the Wooly Pocket?? Made from breathable felt The “Wally” allows you to create an instantly lush vertical garden and experience the magical fun of plants in any environment. Made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles, Wally Pockets are soft-sided, modular and would add a super cool nature and outdoor element to this perfect organic (in every sense) baby nursery!

21.  Back to birds just for a sec, the Birds of a Feather Mobile is the ultimate decorative touch. Made by the incredible company Ige, it is laser cut from walnut plywood and will amaze and inspire as it hangs from the ceiling.

22.  Toys. Ok, what nursery is complete without toys? I saw this sweet rocker from the Arctic Circle, and couldn’t refuse! Rufus the Polar Bear, designed by David Netto for Maclaren Nursery, is made from sustainably harvested white lacquer, veneered plywood and natural oak. Instant heirloom!

23.  The Little Lambs over at Romp highly are realistic and very cuddly. They’re also meticulously manufactured and faithfully reproduced from nature. Here little lamby lamby!

24.  Choose wooden toys! This building block set is sweetly simple, and a great first for your little one’s hands. They can build their first house, tower or barn–or just practice picking them up (and throwing them, of course!). Made of locally sourced, sustainably harvested maple hardwood, the blocks are unfinished, without a drop of stain or dye on them.

So friends, get creative. Get inspired. Choose fabrics, textures, furniture, and accent pieces that are yummy, meaningful to you, and organic in all meanings, and have fun building your own wonderful, cozy space for yourself, and your new little bird.
Happy Nesting!