Tanaya Kathleen Caim

Location: Seattle, WA / Puget Sound

Contact: tanaya@gmail.com, 206.375.9683

I used to believe that “What I Do” wasn’t the same as “Who I Am”. With time, experience and soul searching, I learned that if “What I Do” and ”Who I Am” isn’t the same thing, than I must be doing something wrong.

The services on my website are very much “About Me”, they speak to my heart and soul, but only when done in a way that is really “About YOU”. My underlying belief is that YOU are a miracle. YOU deserve love and support and honoring, no matter whom you are or where you are on your life’s path.

The Sacred Caim is a representation of my life’s work and will be ever-changing, ever-evolving and ever-growing; incomplete and imperfect, much like myself. While Caim is my name, it also represents my wish for everyone; that they feel loved and protected, always.

Doing the work to help others find a place that they feel safe and loved, even during the darkest times has become both “Who I Am” and ”What I Do”.

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