Love Wrap: Belly Binding

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Bengkung Binding is a binding method that supports physical changes the vertical abdominal muscles and organs go through pregnancy and after birth. With this binding, we support those muscles and organs as well as provide a warm environment in which healing is more rapid. Like being wrapped in the warm arms of your sisters, binding provides the support tired muscles require.

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You can also choose between S, M, or L sizing. The binding is completely adjustable, so it can be tightened or lengthened.

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The Q&A on this Product
QUESTION:  How do I know which size is the right size for me?
ANSWER:  Thank you for your interest in the belly binding kit. We suggest for women to consider choosing the size based on their measurements prior to pregnancy. The inner torso panel is adjustable, should it need to be tightened or loosened. Thank you for your question. Blessings~
QUESTION:  Is there a How-to or You Tube link to use the wrap without assistance? Thanks!
ANSWER:  Thank you so much for your interest in the Love Wrap: Belly Binding kit. We are currently working to create a how-to video to assist new mothers and birth professionals with the belly binding technique. Upon completion of the video, we will most definitely be adding it to our website and Facebook page. Again, thank you for your interest in our product. If you have any additional questions, please let us know. In gratitude~
QUESTION:  Can you give me contact details of anyone trained to do this in the uk. (north-west) thanks.
ANSWER:  Thank you for your interest in the Love-Wrap Bengkung Belly Binding. We do not currently have anyone trained through Sacred Pregnancy, Mother Roasting who is located in the UK. If you have any additional questions, please let us know, we are glad to help. We appreciate your question and thank you for your interest. Blessings.
QUESTION:  When selecting your size you should go with your pre-pregnancy size, correct?
ANSWER:  Thank you for your interest in the Love Wrap Belly Binding. Yes, you are correct. When selecting your size, you should choose the option that fits your body measurements pre-pregnancy. Thank you again, in gratitude~
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