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April 11-14, 2014

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July 7-10, 2014

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Learn the Sacred Art of Postpartum Care

Learn the Sacred Art of Postpartum Care

Become a Mother Roaster

The Art of Postpartum Care

*Claiming: Closing Birth
Now We Bow : Understanding REVERENCE + SERVICE
Sealing Stories Ceremony
Postpartum Depression : Symptoms + PP Tinctures

*Ceremony: Dipping In
After Birth Basics : Peri-Care + Episiotomy Care + Yoni Pops
Warm Milk + Honey :  Milk + Roses Wash
Tuck me in :  Herbal Sitz Ceremonial Bath + Relaxation Rebozo Tuck In

*Healing: Wrapped + Warm
Benkung Belly Binding : Binding + Belly Paste + Oils
Sacred C’s
*Learn traditional Benkung Belly Binding (mom + babe) + Malaysian Belly Firming Paste + Ayurvedic  Oils

*Honoring: Beauty Way
The Art of Honoring Women After Birth
Mandala Art : Beauty Way Creation of Personal Flower Mandalas
*Walking the path of Motherhood / Mother Roasting in the beauty way

The Art of Placenta

*Claiming: Placenta Prana
Placenta Facts : What is it? How does it function?
P-Prep: Pick Up + Transport + Supplies  + License Talk + Meeting New Clients + Biz Talk
Placenta Prana-Qi : Reviving a Qi deficient Placenta

*Ceremony: RED + ripe
Blood Lines :  Blessing of Placenta
Banana Leaf: Mother Earth a blessing
Breaking the Bond:  Cord Burning + Lotus Birth
Chinese Medicine: Cultural Traditions + Herbs + Delivery Placenta Remedies

*Healing: Edible ESSENCE
Eat it! : The Benefits + Risks of Digesting  Placenta + Cleaning + Draining
Art it! : Placenta Art + Prints + Cord Keepsakes
Placenta Prana-Ma : Raw Preparation + Dehydration + Encapsulating
*Every participant will get hands on time with the placenta + completion of the Sacred Postpartum retreat will be the first step of completing
the online self-paced component to full Placenta Encapsulation Certification

*Honoring: Holi YES!
The Art of Embracing Your Holi YES!
Tinctures + Salves + Balms
Deep Drink : Warm Placenta Drink Demos to Treat PP Bleeding

The Art of Conscious Cooking

*Claiming: Sacred Kitchen Space
Food Facts : Conscious Cooking Tips  + Food Handlers License + What Women Need to Eat Post Birth
Kitchen Altar : Your Kitchen Altar + Signs

*Ceremony: May You Never Thirst
The Tapestry of Teas: Make 3 Unique Teas to help stop Postpartum Bleeding, Support Reproductive Healing
SUPER-FOOD: Breastmilk + Babes
Cashew + Chia Milkmaids: Make Fresh Cashew + Chia Milk

*Healing: May You Never Hunger
Restorative Soups Defined + Food Trees
Boobie Brownies: Make Raw Boobie Brownies with “Milk Enhancing” tincture included
SOUL FOOD :  Make Bone Broth as a group and eat together

*Honoring: Sexy Spices
The Art of Embracing Food Traditions
Sassy Spices: Warm Spice Rub Downs


The Art of Mother Roasting

*Claiming: Sacred Passion
Postpartum Relationships + NAKED TIME talk
Mother Fear Release : Fears into Fire

*Ceremony: Heat Heals
Hot Stone Abdominal Massage:  Make Hot Stone Herb Bundle
Mighty MOXA : MOXA Demonstration

*Healing: V-Steams
Yoni Steams + Intake form defined + Essential Herbs
V-Steams : Participate in an actual V-Steam

*Honoring: S I S T E R H O OD
The Art of Deep Connection
Going to the Bowl: Set Pure Intentions at The Mother Salt Bowl