Venice Beach, CA

March 4-7, 2014

I first found sacred pregnancy/ postpartum when I was on a road to building myself back up after a few life events that had set myself and my family back a few steps in life. Sacred Pregnancy and the sister groups have helped to mend my heart, my soul and my mind! I have connected with so many amazing ladies from all over the world and am grateful for each of them.┬áThis was not my first retreat with the sacred family however as I let go and let complete strangers in it felt like my first time all over again, I allowed myself to strip down emotionally, be vulnerable and restore / rebuild with the help of the other women participating and the gentle guidance of Anni. Learning how to instruct the sacred pregnancy classes by experiencing the class first hand as a participant was an amazing four days filled with tons of laughter, plenty of tears, amazing life stories and making great memories. I connected with all of the beautiful women at this retreat and miss them everyday. The home we stayed in was magical and interesting all at the same time. Every corner I turned, every staircase I climbed, every door I opened had a little surprise making it even more amazing all the time. I am so happy that home was available for us! Anni has done a wonderful job of bringing women together as a sisterhood. Reminding us that we need to support one another especially now, in a world where so many women have forgotten that we are stronger then society allows us to believe. Being apart of the sacred family has helped remind me how important it is to create a tribe of sisterhood in my own life. Everyday of the retreat was a new experience, opening new and old emotions for me. The hardest and most amazing day was the honoring day. I have never been honored and shown so much love in my life. I cried almost the entire time, during my turn to be honored by my sisters I was holding back the tears and one sister whispered into my ear ” you are so much bigger than anything that has ever happened to you” I lost it and the tears started again. What she said to me touched me so deeply that this has become my new mantra! That day I was so drained from all the emotions however I was also rejuvenated and cleansed, almost as if I was on a high from all the energy , all the power from the sacred hands placed on me that day! I am so excited to bring sacred pregnancy into my community and into the lives of my children. I have every intention of passing this knowledge on to my future generations boys included ! Empowering my daughters with the knowledge of knowing how to create a support system during pregnancy and knowing they are worth honoring not only during the pregnancy journey but everyday of their lives. I also love that this journey I am on with sacred pregnancy will help my male children understand how important it is to support their future wives along her pregnancy journey and especially the postpartum time by understanding what she is going through and being educated on the needs of a pregnant/ postpartum women. Sacred pregnancy has made this possible for me and I am eternally thankful. I also want to thank Anni for giving women with small children the opportunity to attend the retreats without feeling as if her child doesn’t belong. I along with a lot of other mamas would not be able to advance our knowledge and experience in the birthing community if our children were not allowed to attend with us ! So again I say thank you. Bella and I love our sacred sisters and the Daulter family. We look forward to the next retreat because as my husband says I’m addicted to sacred pregnancy and the sisters I get the privilege to know! Blessings ~ Sabrina and baby Bella