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Photo by Elena Rgo

Preparing to Conceive

Elena Rego
It’s official, you are finally ready to start your family. The excitement behind this decision and the nerves can be very intense. You and your partner are stepping into a new and beautiful realm in your relationship. It is a time to celebrate. It is also a time to prepare your mind and your body for the new and momentous changes about to take place. This is the time to rid yourself of toxic habits, to find your own special way to create a calm space in yourself and your world for when life’s stresses become intense. It is the time to decide what supplements to take, if you will change your diet, and what sort of exercise you will do during your pregnancy. And the more you think about it the more intimidating it can all seem.

Here is the moment where you take a deep breath. Because just like getting down to the work of making your baby, planning before the conception can be exciting. This is the moment in time where you can reinvent you. It is the moment in time where you can get rid of those bad habits you have been trying to shake and bring in new ones that can change your life forever. For me, these are the moments where I feel compelled to make a list. A small chart can help you to start on the path to pregnancy smoothly.

When I was thinking about becoming pregnant with my third child, I made a Preconception Goals Chart. On this chart I listed the areas I wanted to focus on before and during my pregnancy that would help me be healthiest and happiest. My chart looked something like this…

Preconception Goals

  • Exercise- Yoga, Walking, Swimming
  • Diet- Less sugar, More fresh produce
  • Habits to Change- Lower stress
  • Vitamins or Supplements- Take a whole food prenatal, get blood work to check
  • For vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • Creating Space- Create a small place of sanctuary
  • Below this chart I expanded my thoughts further…
  • Exercise: I will walk, do yoga, or swim at least once a week.
  • Walk = 1 mile (round trip)
  • Yoga = 1 class (45 minutes)
  • Swimming = I hour at the local indoor pool (free swimming or laps)
  • Diet: Every time I crave junk food I will eat fruit. I will only eat sweets I bake at home; from scratch.
  • Habits to Change: I will take on fewer projects at one time to reduce my self created
  • Vitamins or Supplements: Taking a whole food prenatal will allow my body to use the vitamins best. Blood work will point out any deficiencies that may be harmful to me or my baby-to-be.
  • Creating Space: I will create a small area for me to sit and decompress for at least 20 minutes each day; to read fiction, listen to soothing music or just rest my eyes.


Once I finished creating my chart I made it pretty with drawings and fun fonts and then I posted a copy in the places I would see it most often. It helped me because when my goals are set up so simplistically and clearly they are no longer a daunting challenge. Once the details are set up you can have as much fun with your goals as you like. I am a fan of small rewards- such as a special book or a trip to the thrift store- for reaching my goals over a set period of time. You can create a method of charting and self gifting that works best for you. All that matters is that you start this journey with happiness. Happy planning.


In The Belly Of The Beast

Elena Rego

Trust, in its fullest form, has been pounding on the door of my Heart for the past week, and I can bear no more my desire for it to go away. No longer is he gently knocking- he is coming in. I cannot say this is an easy surrender, for I am someone who is used to living in a place of fear. Fear has caused me to keep moving without settling down. It is fear that tells me that I must keep escaping and time is running out. “Go, go, go!” it screams. “Don’t let it get you!” But I’ve moved fast, hoping nothing would catch up to me, and now, I’m exhausted. I can go no further unless I dive into the belly of the beast, and make amends with my demons. And I must do this now.

The dictionary defines trust as, “reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, etc., of a person or thing; confident expectation of something; hope.” Trust, in our selves and in our relationships, is of the utmost importance; without it, one has built a house upon a sinking field. And I believe the house I have built for myself is currently underwater. I wondered how something that seemed to be functional for so long could stop working overnight? How did my foundation not last? And then it dawned on me. I stopped moving to catch my breath… and stopped long enough to fall in Love. Oh! Hello mirror, my beautiful reflection.

When we fall in Love time seems to be suspended. Everything stops and we are surrounded by excitement and joy. The melding of two beings takes place, and a dance of intimacy is born; Love’s ecstasy immeasurable. And, after some time, and when the rest of our life catches up, the elements we have swept under the rug begin to rise to the surface. The unresolved material seems to appear and our vulnerability magnifies. Thus the journey of trust begins.

In these times of deep unraveling, trust and fear are at war with each other right in the middle of our chest, and we must choose who will win. These places, these caverns of forgotten and ignored wounds are taking up space in our beings, holding hostage any energy we have for an authentic relationship. Though we cannot promise our partners that these journeys won’t be long, or painful, we can choose to trust that what is asking to be looked at is necessary if we are to experience a deeper level of intimacy. And, try as we may, we cannot promise a quick outcome. We can only hope for a smooth ride.

This can be scarier than anything we have experienced before. This means giving up the need to know what will happen when the waters have calmed, and how things will turn out in the end. The pain that arises comes from fear, yet this fear is an invitation to harness our courage, and to become fully present in our lives. Time to tackle our demons and release what no longer serves us. To trust in this process is the ultimate in letting go, and during this time, we must remember that it is in relationships that we grow. And so the true journey begins, if we so choose.

Going to these places is inevitable, even more so in partnerships. Yet by doing so, we pave the way for a healthier relationship with our selves, our partners, and ultimately, our children. This is the way to true Love and true liberation. All it takes is time and our willingness to let go. The rest will follow. This I trust in.


Beyond Time

Matthew McCawley


My dear friend must be Pan. He sits and plays the flute while the animals swoop down to join him, seemingly speaking the same language as they do. He graciously blesses each creature for their medicine and continues playing, lulling us all to dreamland. I asked him how he came to be so connected with Nature. He told me that since he was a child, the animals would communicate with him; that often he felt more comfortable with them than with humans. Today, even though he lives in the city, he is able to find the sacred in the every day. I admire this ability and am inspired to find the sacred in my own life.

After our conversation, I revisited the times of my childhood, when I would sit in the big pine tree outside my house. Hours of solitude and comfort- me time with my ancient friend. As a child, I had no idea what sacred meant, but I knew that this tree held all my secrets and my dreams, and that our connection was one of an unspoken trust and love. Then one day, I overheard that “my” tree was to be cut down. I protested and screamed, begging for this not to happen. I knew the impact of this act would be devastating. But no one listened. For days I sat outside on the stump that once was my friend, my loneliness weighing heavy on my tiny shoulders. I had no idea at the time that I had lost my first sacred connection.

As an adult, I realize the importance of allowing our children these connections to the Earth, and to holy things. We must encourage sacred space and ritual, and remind them of the beauty of bone and stone and ancestors. These are the things that keep the young strong, and we must teach them. I remember the legend of the elephant graveyards. I weep at the idea of such connection, and the authenticity in these majestic creatures. It is said that elephants visit their dead, and when a young elephant- a calf, reaches a certain age, the mother will take her young to the graveyard, and together they will trace the bones of the ancestors. This is to remind the young of what came before them, and that life will continue on even after they have died.

These sacred connections are what sometimes suffer in the cities and in the speed of things. They get lost between pick-ups and drop-offs, school and work, dinner and exhaustion. Lost in concrete jungles, until we take the time to seek them out. But we forget to take time, and so our children learn to forget too. May we act wiser than this. Let us, as mentors and teachers of our young, encourage the bonds that children have with the many kingdoms of the planet. Let us engage their curiosity and excitement, and honor their sometimes-silent acknowledgement with the other dimensions.

And above all else, let us remember our connections as well. After all, we needn’t be young or old to speak to the trees. We just need to believe we can, and listen.


Birthing Our Power – The First Awareness

Written by Mijanou Montealegre, www.mysticmamma.com

Becoming a mother prompts a transformation so profound that it entails a shape shifting into a new state of being. The transmutation of self and the inherent alchemy that occurs during this passage is akin to a caterpillar dying to become a butterfly.  A radical change in the experience of life occurs and it is one that deserves to be talked about, embraced and celebrated.

As we become mothers we become creatrices. The process of giving birth in itself opens us to become chalices for life to come through. Through this process we are transformed and reborn into a new state of being. Our inherent power becomes activated, as we are called to serve our children and our family. As mothers we become the nurturers, the caretakers, and the ones that have the ability and responsibility to heal the past and create a new future for our children. Through our choices and our willingness to become more aware, we open to the possibility of healing and transmuting what has been with what can be.

Through the alchemizing passage of Motherhood, we give birth not only to our children, but also ourselves.  We are reborn into our fullness as we uncover the innate strength and power that comes with being a woman.

Becoming a Mother is a great honor, for it’s a stepping into an ancient archetypal force and journey of discovery that our mothers and grandmothers and all women in all time have journeyed on. It is major, it’s powerful, it’s beautiful, it’s challenging, it’s empowering, it’s heart opening and it’s all encompassing. There is no doubt the experience defines us.

Through it we learn to dance the cosmic dance. Balance and flow become our guides as we learn the importance of also nurturing our selves, as we navigate all the different aspects and responsibilities of our lives.

We must embrace this dance with the great mystery of life as it calls us to become a vessel of her love. The path may not be an easy one but it’s one that activates our abilities to be the centers points between earth and sky, to be the channels of the divine feminine and to awaken to our full potential as creatices.